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[4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Mar 10 Sep 2013 16:36
de Shivari

Je mets les liens en vrac au fur à mesure :

Sélection par niveau d'équipement pour les BG :

Dominion :

Refonte de la boite mail :

Système de changement de classe :

Nouveaux buffs astraux (sur les allods) :

Nouveau BG : Scarlet Bastion :

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Mar 10 Sep 2013 16:39
de soldern

what, on parlait pas de ça ?

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Mar 10 Sep 2013 18:27
de Shivari
lol, j'ai fait la même sur le topic du ning.
Quelque part ça me rassure de ne pas être la seule à penser direct à Scorpions :mrgreen:

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Mer 11 Sep 2013 14:58
de zehiir

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Mer 18 Sep 2013 22:49
de Shivari

Choppé sur le ning anglais, les premières enchères russes pour le changement de classe :

pala - 300K gold
psi - 110K gold
scout - 85K gold
bard - 35K gold
healer - 35K gold
warrior - 34K gold,
mage - 34K gold
summo - 20K gold,
warden - 7K gold
thats current bids in ru for changing class
2 days remaining actualy :d
2d 18hrs*
scout is 3rd place ppl wanna play ;d

MDR le bid(e) sur chaman :D

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Jeu 19 Sep 2013 01:04
de Shivari

Vu sur le forum US :
Scout updates 4.04
- Added a new skill "Poison Arrow," paralyzing the target for a long time.
- Incendiary Arrow now deals 45% damage of the past, but enhanced ability to "Zeroing" add up to 3 times, and falls to 1 at the end of time.
- Milestone "Shoot to Kill" enhances the ability to "Rapid Fire" by 10/20/30% instead of 06/12/18%.
- Base damage skill "Zeroing" is increased by 60%.
- Milestone "Patience" now increases by 33/66/100% casting time and damage skill "Zeroing" (in addition to the current increase in the duration of the effect of "Zeroing").
- A skill "The Last Laugh" now resets the cooldown of the main attack skills.
- Added milestones "Spiked balls", the study of which the ability to "Steel Balls" does damage every 2 seconds to all targets who are in their scope.
- Now milestone "Vigilance" increases the damage of ranged attacks by 2/4/6% instead of 1/2/3%.

Depuis les patch notes :

Autres classes :
Magician (mage)
The periodic damage spells "Fire Blow" is applied regardless of the success of the application of the primary damage.
Now the wizards available overlay effect "snowdrift", even if the goal is to have this effect, imposed by another magician with a smaller or equal to the measure of persistence.
Fix: The ability to "tide elements" in situations where the magician and the target are at different heights.
In "Fire Trap" increased chance to reset the target with combat vehicles.

Necromancer (incovateur)
All milestones and talents will be automatically reset.
Change icons spell "Dark Power" and "immunodeficiency".
Modified action milestones "last service." Now the enemy who killed minion necromancer will be stunned for 2, 3 or 4 seconds. and will effect every 2 seconds. Darkness does damage over 12 sec.
Defiler and cadaver no longer explode themselves at low health.
Effect milestones "Disposal of the material 'now additionally triggered by the death or exile minion.
Minion necromancer no longer disappears when the distance to a considerable distance, and returned to the owner.
Order minion rush to attack does not enter into battle no one, neither the necromancer, nor of the minion or target of attack. The state of the battle will begin only on the fact of a first strike.
The spread effect "Virus" no longer holds a necromancer in combat.
The resurrection of his minion necromancer automatically invoked.

Mystic (psios)
Now, a few mystics can set twin on the same target.
HP Recovery skill "Looper" is now interact correctly with the subject "logo sorcerer."
The ability to "Seared mind" can only be used for game characters. Also, this ability will no longer removed the ability of a warrior "Snatch."
The ability to "psychic attack" no longer removes the control effects with creatures affected by their action.
Was the ability to work correctly, "Wall of Blades" used by several mystics on the same target.

Heathen (Triba)
Skills "Beat Wolf" and "Beat boar" now refers to the aspect relics "Dragon's [Noblesse]," skill "Lightning" and "Swiftfire" - to the "Dragon's grace," and the ability to "Beat the Tiger" - to the aspect of the "Dragon Valor".
Fixed a bug which caused the milestone in the study of "Bloody rage" did not increase the damage of melee after the death of a pet.
Cooldown "balance of nature" to embody the character has been increased to 5 minutes.
Restated amount of experience gained from performing tasks in the kingdom of nature.

"Solo" is no longer holding the group after the death in battle monsters on Astral Islands.
During the term of the songs "Elegy" and "Cantata" skill "Shroud of speed" is now working correctly.
The influence of "Cantata" no longer holds a bard in combat.
The mechanics of the milestones, "Requiem for the enemy." Now they will not reduce the rate of opponents. The increase of rage bard does not depend on the presence of enemies on the effect of "Requiem".

"Pinwheel" now causes damage to the area.
Fixed effect milestones "Dangerous wounds" on the ability to "pinwheel", "Doublet" "Perfect Attack", "death blow" and "grinder".
Now milestone "overwhelming force" while using the skill "Shock blow" protects the soldier from the effects of control.
The increase in performance skills "Double Impact" and "Doublet" now depends on the aspect of relics "Dragon courage" and abilities "Finishing move" and "death blow" - from the aspect of the "power of the Dragon."
Now milestones "Lucky" increase the critical strike chance of the ability to "Crushing attack."

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Dim 29 Sep 2013 02:14
de Shivari

Les parchos pour changer de classe, serveur russe (barde et war) :
Depuis le ning anglais.

Re: [4.0.04] Wind of Changes

MessagePosté: Dim 29 Sep 2013 07:41
de Soustraction
Pas cher le war